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Cornerstone Video Editing Guidelines

These guidelines are being shared to provide:

  • Consistent and improving quality of provided product.
  • Provide long-term data integrity and continuity.
  • Provide new members to the team a quick way to get up to speed.

The Cornerstone Video Team is a loose group of people who are interested in taking and editing video and pictures to support the internal and external ministries of Cornerstone. This is a creative group and as such everyone’s input is encouraged and valued. Thinking outside the box is also encouraged. It should be realized that every suggestion and idea may not be able to be used.

We share in mutual training. Everyone has something to learn and something to share. Some local training to demonstrate processes, tricks, or “how to” may be provided in a group or individual basis. Video Guidelines

Storage of Source and Product

  • All video/audio/photo files should be stored on the video teams external hard drive. This should be backed up as necessary on the video drive stored in the safe.
  • Folders/files should be named using Camel Case with no spaces. Ex:CommunityLife
  • Folders on the drive should be named yyyy-ProjectName. Ex: 2019-CommunityLife
  • Files should be placed in the appropriate folder based on date shot or date to be used if the final product in the format of yyyy-mm-dd. Alternatively a name be placed at the end such as yyyy-mm-dd-xxxxxxx.mp4. ex 2019-09-15-CommunityLife.mp4
  • All video’s should be saved in h.264 format (mp4) medium bitrate for compatibility with sound booth equipment.

Camera Guidelines

Or current cameras are DSLR's that we also use for video. The following are guidelines based on which mode you are using the camera in.


Camera (Pictures)

  • Camera f-stop should be between f11 and f16 for best quality unless trying to limit depth of field.
  • Adjust ISO to lowest practical value to reduce "graininess"
  • Adjust shutter speed to set a correct exposure.

Training and Resources

Church Training

Media course

Top 10 Resources