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What was it like to be on a submarine in my time? This will till the story but will probably raise more questions than it answers. This film shows an actual sub on patrol. These are not actors.


Submarine - Steel Boat, Iron Men

American Legion Post O'Fallon, MO.

My Youtube Submarine Playlist

Sub Vets

USS Springfield Base (USSV)

In the Order I served

USS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN-686)

USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN-686 - Reunion 2020

USS L Mendel Rivers SSN-686 - Wikipidea

USS L> Mendel Rivers SSN-686 - Facebook

Naval Training Command Great Lakes\

Navy training command ET-A School, Great Lakes, Ill

USS Bergall (SSN-667)

USS Bergall SSN-667 - Facebook

USS Bergall SSN-667

USS Bergall SS-320 (Namesake history article) Surface 2000 miles in enemy territory.

USS Bluefish (SSN-675)

USS Bluefish SSN-675

[ USS Bluefish (SSN-675) Facebook

Other Sub Links

Submarine Veterans - Web Page

Submarine Veterans - Wikipedia

Submarine Veterans - Facebook

Submarine Veterans - LinkedIn

Cold War Submarine Veterans - Facebook

US Navy Submariners - Facebook

Submarine Bubblehead Brotherhood - Facebook

Silent Service video of the above incident

Navy Budies Crewlist for SSN-686

ETC(SS) Warren Willis experience on SSN-686

USS Bluefish SSN-675 - Facebook

Submarine Veterans Memorial West - Web Page

- Naval History - Website Looking for a picture of your boat to show the Grand kids, good place to start

The War Zone - Articles about ships

Encyclopedia of the Russian submarine fleet

Interesting Sub Stuff

Covert Shores